Annie Murer, Class of 2018 and 2019

Indiana, USA

Connecting Youth from the US and China

Global Citizenship Program brings together 6th-9th graders from the U.S. and China to have fun and in-depth conversations about their culture and global topics. 

Join us to learn, share, and communicate!


Yu Xue, Class of 2020

Shandong, China


About Us


Global Citizens Empowerment's mission is to provide an international platform for young and adult learners of different cultural backgrounds to interact academically and socially, in order to build critical thinking skills, cross-cultural communication skills, global competency, cultural awareness and sensitivity in the 21st century. 



Rise above the barriers that divide us in terms of cultures, values, and practices and contribute to a sustainable and peaceful world with mutual respect and understanding on the individual level. 

Students LOVE Our Program!

From participating in the Global Citizenship program, I made two new good friends and gained new insights into American and Chinese culture. I broadened my horizon and gained more knowledge. From the past six months of the program, I harvested friendship, and better determined my goals moving forward. I hope more students will join the program. May all of us have a bright future!

— Langyue F. (China)

For anyone interested in making oversea connections, this is a great opportunity! The instructors taught lessons to the whole group, the best part of this experience was getting to talk with other people my age and learn about their interests. I also enjoyed working with others to create a project. While I did have to get up at 7:30, it was worth it to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.

— Hunter, T. (United States)

At the very beginning, I was afraid to talk in English. But after the program, I love speaking this language. During the past year, with assistance from teachers, I learned a lot about different topics on global issues. From the discussions with my peers in the United States, I learned more about different perspectives on the same topic of discussion. The unique format of online learning shortens the distance between us and provides a great source of learning about the world. I truly appreciate the opportunity and hope the program benefits more students like me!

— Pengyu, L. (China)

I had a very good experience with the Global Citizenship program, it showed me what problems are like in our country versus others. It gave me a new world perspective and I am so thankful that I was able to be part of this program, I will remember this forever, and take with me the things I learned from it. 

— Annie, M (United States)

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