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Global Citizenship Program provides students the opportunity to have real-time communication, discussion, and connection with middle school peers in China through video conferencing. 


From this program, students learn more about global topics that have effects at the local level and how to raise awareness of such issues in their own community. These topics are part of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which are widely discussed among the UN member states. Students learn a lot about the United Nations and how their work helps to make the world a better place. Since this program continues throughout the school year, major holidays in both countries will take place. Thus, students will have the chance to share American holidays and traditions with their peers in China, as well as seeing how Chinese families celebrate major Chinese holidays.


At the end of this program, students from both countries will be co-presenting at a community event, the Global Citizens Showcase. We will then present you with a certificate for their dedication and hard work!

Theory of Change


Students participants can have facilitated and fun conversations and discussions on international issues that matter to the entire humanity


Student participants develop knowledge, skills, and shared values to be globally competent.

Our Approaches

Project-Based Learning

During the program, student participants are asked to complete individual and group projects. 

Social-Emotional    Learning

Students develop their social-emotional skills due to the nature of cross-cultural communications.

Competence-Based Learning

Without testing and stress, students develop competence of being a global citizen. 

Firsthand Cultural Exchange through Presentations!