Our Programs

At Global Citizens Empowerment, we offer three types of programs that all aim at bringing knowledge, skills, and values to our participants. 
 In exchange, our participants can give back to the world with what they learned in our programs.

Knowing the world we live in - domestically and internationally - is crucial in fostering personal growth of global citizens of all ages.

Global Citizenship Program (GCP)

Developing global competency and cross-cultural communication skills among students in K-12 education across the world.

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Skills in cross-cultural communication, research, collaboration, and project-based learning are all essential for a global citizen in the 21st century.

Teachers and Parents Salon

The best way to become culturally aware is to participate in discussions. We offer opportunities for teachers and parents to have in-depth discussions about global competence and cultural sensitivity.

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Bringing all forms of economic and social justice and equality to the world we live, and respecting people from different cultures and backgrounds.

One-on-One Language Competence Program

We understand the needs of ESL students. Through an output-driven process, we help develop students' language competence. 

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Culture, History, Tradition

Understanding one's own culture, history, and tradition is the first step to communicate with people from a different background.


Cross-cultural communication skills require experiences and practices. Our platform guarantees successful cross-cultural communication happens in real-time. 

Global Affairs

Learning about global affairs and international development can boost students' understanding of the world and think the bigger picture.


The more you think, the more you know how to think and approach different problems. Throughout our programs, learners of all ages gradually develop critical thinking skills that benefit every aspect of their life.


Knowing one's own society and compare it to others creates opportunities for critical thinking and a better understanding of the world. 


Working solo is no longer the norm in academic or business field. Cultivating the norm of teamwork is the first step for future success in work and study.